Sunday, February 10, 2008

In The Name of Orkut

9th Feb 2008


This poem was written last year. Till last year I hade very rudimentary knowledge of computers and almost no knowledge of internet usage. Whenever I asked my son to show me how to use computers and he did show me, both of us lost patience with each other leading into tiffs and me into walking away in huff. One day I grumbled to my son that to call him I have to call out so many times that my throat gets soar.With a twinkle in his eyes, he teased me that I have a computer in my room and he has a laptop in his room, I have to just call him on chat and he will know that I am calling him. He knew very well that I do not know how to use internet. I told him okay show me how I can call you on chat. In a lighter vain, he created a profile for me on Orkut and showed me how I can chat on gtalk. I was excited because I was under impression that orkut is a site for youngsters and in my profile I had given my correct age, that is 52 years. Next day I was surprised to see an avlanche of friend's requests, mostly from youngsters from Hyderabad and Banglore( two IT hubs in South INdia).I was pleasantly surprised. I accepted the invitations but asked all these youngsters- are you sure you have not made any mistake, that you really want to be friends with a 52 year old lady(double their age) and that too a teacher..and they all said that age has nothing to do with friendship....when they kept interacting with me on regular basis, I was convinced that their answer was not just a polite reply, but they meant what they said....well, well, this came as a big surprise to me and something that changed me also from within.... It is on this background that I wrote the following poem....I am presenting English translation with original Hindi poem in Devnagari script also.

In the classes and in the corridors

क्लासों में,गलियारों में,

I heard lot of noise about "Orkut-Orkut"

ऑर्कुट ऑकुट का शोर सुना,

Out of curiosity, I decided to check it out

ज्ञिझासावश देख आने को मन बना,

I peeped inside the gate of this Orkut garden

इस उपवन के प्रवेशव्दार से अन्दर झांका,

There were children playing

बच्चे खेल रहे थे,

jumping, horsing around, singing and dancing,

धमाचौकड़ी,उछलकूद, हसतें गाते,

I thought of leaving the place

सोचा निकल जाऊँ मैं,

as there was nothing for me here

मेरा यहाँ क्या काम,

I was about to turn back

कदम पलटने को थी मैं,

when I heard somebody calling out

कि आयी इक आवाज,

"Come friend, where are you going"

आओ दोस्त,कहाँ चले,

I was surprised and turned back to see

आश्चर्यचकित सी मुड़ की देखा

there was a young child

इक बच्चा था,उमर का कच्चा था,

I asked in surprise "Who, Me?"

मैंने हैरानी से पूछा, "कौन मैं?"

yaa, yaa ! you too, came the pat reply

"हाँ हाँ तुम भी,"

I looked carefully

गौर से देखा,

there were many pairs of laughing eyes

कई हंसती आखें,

and hands up in air inviting me

नन्हे हाथ बुला रहे थे,

I laughed and asked "Son ! What can you talk with me"

मैं ने हंस कर कहा, "बेटा", मुझसे क्या बात करोगे,

"Won't you get bored?"

बोर नहीं हो जाओगे,

"Not Son! Friend" said they with a pout

तुनके वो, "बेटा नहीं,दोस्त",

Was it deindividuation or

ये था गुमनामी का बेबाकपन

was it the openness of the new generation

या युवा पीड़ी के मन का खुलापन,

or was it just a plain loneliness

या फ़िर कोरा अकेलापन,

that they were ready to absorb anybody

हर किसी को आत्मसात करने को तैयार

putting the sheet of friendship on my white hair

मेरे उजले बालों पर दोस्ती की चादर डाल,

holding my hand,

थामे मेरा हाथ,

these young friends

ले चले ये नन्हें दोस्त मेरे,

led me in these unknown corridors

अन्जाने गलियारों में,

sometimes joking,

कभी हंसी मजाक,

and sometimes borrowing my shoulder to cry upon

, तो कभी रोने को मांगते कंधा उधार,

sometimes spontaneously telling me their fiercely gaurded


कह जाते कभी मन के गहरे राज,

sometimes with mischevious eyes asking me hesitantly

कोई शरारती आखों वाला सकुचाते से पूछ डालता,

Tell me friend! Were you also in same predictament at sometime?"

क्युं दोस्त, कभी तुम्हारा भी था ऐसा हाल,

Me, a granny without wrinkles,

मैं बिन झुरियों की नानी,

used to laugh and say

हंसती, कहती,

"Yes friend! that's life"

हाँ दोस्त, यही है जिन्दगी,

I have understood the truth of this new life

समझ गयी मैं नव जीवन का सत्य,

the only true relationship is "friendship"

नाता सिर्फ़ दोस्ती का,

rest all relationships are illusions/false

बाकी सब रिश्ते मिथ्या,

in this relationship, there is no expectation, no bindings

कोई आस नहीं, कोई बांध नहीं,

you can get engrossed into it as much as you want

जितना चाहे रम लो तुम,

and leave it when you want

और जब चाहे निकल लो तुम,

all my doubts/dilemmas are gone

टूटे मन के सब संशय

Without any hesitation now


I laugh with them, sing with them,

अब मैं इनके संग हंसती हूँ गाती हूँ,

correct them if they do any wrong

टोक देती हूँ,

and then dance also with them

फ़िर नाच भी लेती हूँ,

I live life a new every evening

रोज शाम एक नया जीवन जी लेती हूँ


Rajesh said...

As rightly commented by you about ORKUT, its a site for the youngsters and teenagers to make friends and chat and kill their time. But if you just enter into it, you will find that there are many friends, little like you said, who would be wanting to make friendship with the elders too, and sometimes for borrowing the shoulder of elderly people to cry upon, making fun, laughing to each other and many more good things. Inke saath kuchh kshan ke liye ji kar apne apne gum bhool jaate hai yah youngsters bhi and also the "BUDHAUS"........
The only thing here is that you have to be like the people they are here, fun luving, sharing, kidding, giving helping hands to someone, in need..........

अनूप शुक्ल said...

सही है। नया ब्लाग शुरू करने की बधाई। कविता भी धांसू है।

PD said...

Superb Anita ji..
Its a diff flavour of your pesonality.. :)

Kaput Pratapgarhi said...

aapke kavitaon se Orkut ki jankaari hui, abhi Internet ki duniya main naya hoon, Orkut ka kuchh upyog kar punah isme apne vichar likhoonga

Ila's world, in and out said...

Anitaji,Namaskar.U are an inspiration to so many middle aged ladies who are at a stand still at this juncture of their lives.Grown up kids, ever busy husbands contribute little to boost their feelings.As for ur poem regarding orkut, I too went to such social sites and believe me at this age of 41 I am making new young friends everyday who seriously mean friendship and nothing else.

हर्षवर्धन said...

gd start. i also think to write in english but, it takes extra time that's why its not implemented till now. and what a tukbandi in english.

NKN said...

Got to this page via the SHTYLE .fm
Im not yet greyed but going to...37 years now....
was reading your poem on orkut,Being passionate on teaching ive created blogs for my student friends and also have an orkut id with friends, and at Shtyle create a few thought provoking quizzes....
I did have the feeling how am I going to be with this generation and what you have said in your poem is the reality and ive relished it to the fullest extent....

Renu said...

You have said this very well....the only fear is that it gets addictive after some time.
Just one comment: If you do an english translation at the end of the hindi one,it would be better to read.less distracting.
rest upto you.

anitakumar said...

I am really greatful to all my readers and thank them from the bottom of my heart

G Vishwanath said...

I liked the poem ((Hindi version only)
Somehow, I don't fancy translations of Hindi poems to English.

Even if you wanted to do it, I would have preferred reading the entire poem in Hindi without alternate lines in English. That was distracting. I would prefer putting the entire English translation separately in a parallel vertical column if you have the tools to do it or after the Hindi version.
Anyway, it's just a formatting or presentation preference. This comment is no reflection on the quality of your thoughts and its poetic expression.

Best wishes.

मीनाक्षी said...

wow... today i got chance to see this wonderful new blog of urs...
i am reading all posts one by one... just gr8...

Anonymous said...

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