Monday, May 12, 2008

Street Shots From Germany

“Bindaas, just go ahead & have fun!!!” said my colleagues when I was named to visit the Interpack fair at Germany. Heck. I’d never been abroad before & didn’t even have a passport . What followed was a full fledged campaign to acquire the precious named document . A fortnight of flurried activity followed …. Affidavits, certificates, signatures, attestations ….. passport in hand .. the Shenegan Visa was a logical conclusion.
free image hostConcurrent with the Passport activity was a small investment in an interactive German language CD. Any new language after all would only build new bridges, open new doors and help reach out to more people & newer peoples. The days before takeoff were aptly peppered with “Guten Morgen “ ( good morning) , garnished with abundant “Danke’ s” (thank U) & generous helpings of “Bitte” (please) and whatever else my 54 year old grey cells could absorb at such short notice.

Hitting the highgway , coming out of Dusseldorf airport, the first reaction was of sheer awe. The entire country looks perfectly manicured, though you never see anyone doing the manicuring; not an inkling of even the slightest chaos anywhere, everything so organised, though you don’t see anyone doing the organising; everything was systematic, though you never found a soul enforcing the image host

But like us back home, they hadfree image host street foodfree image host with their own delicious local flavours. Even saw an Indian restaurant ,free image host KS Rawat, advertised on a local ट्रेन. They seemed to have similar concerns too, there were so many miniature cars , the Mercedes SMART
free image host, two seater on the road , belying their concern for gas.A glance at the local Gas Stationfree image host showed the types of fuels … Bio Diesel , Benzene etc they use. So many two wheelers toofree image host.

What really floors you is the charming cottagesfree image host and their exotic gardensfree image host… like a scene straight out of Grimms fairy tales. free image hostSo delightful , you could spend a lifetime just soaking in the visual.

A half day at Cologne ,was what I managed to take time off. The vintage Cathedralfree image host. Have no words really to describe the experience. Yes, it can only be experienced , not described . A cultural hub, there is a lot that Cologne had on offer. The Lugwig Museumfree image host, The Stone Sculpture Museum, the music, the Film Museum, the Cafes & the promenadefree image host along the River Rhine….. there is a timelessness about Cologne which touches image host

free image hostAdding to the charm were cycle rickshaws,free image host a painter vending his ware along the streets,free image host a local “phugawalla”, a girl creating a wonderful picture on the pavement with powder colours ( like our Rangoli)free image host, and even a beggarfree image host elegantly dressed in jet black.

A lasting image was the flawless sunsetfree image host over the mighty Rhine, a sight that takes you back to our own Kanyakumari.

Back again now in Mumbai, I’m sure of one thing, next time round, atleast I wont have to run around for a passport !!! I’ll just take off !!!




अभिषेक ओझा said...

Nice post !

There is one suggestion use picasaweb or Flickr for images that is good option. Also images in this post look very small and they are not very clear.
Picasaweb works with Google login id, whereas Flickr is a Yahoo product.

The following links wold be helpful:

once you have the picsi n web album you can also provide the links while posting.

If you want to add a slide show of pics you can get widgets available online to use pics present in web albums. e.g.

yogesh samdarshi said...


I'm feel veery good to see these all pics. nice. and thanx to create thish. Realy good. to see and read this. pleas keep it more intrested for people which can't go to germaony.

Yogesh Samdarshi

Rajesh said...

Hello Vinodji, It seems u hv had a tour of a HEAVEN. Of course if we see a better and well organized place and well cultured ppl u wl definately have this feeling. I dont deny about our own indian cultures too, but the well maintained things add feathers to it. A very good sharing of your experience. And above all, welcome to the new world of your own BLOG. I wish you all the very best.......

PD said...

अंकल जी, अभी तो बस फोटो देखकर ही जा रहें हैं.. जब फुर्सत में होंगे तब पढेंगे.. वैसे फोटो बढिया है.. :)

दिनेशराय द्विवेदी said...

Cheerful Post!tells everything without words. wonderful photos. Welcome Vinod ji, Thanks Anita ji to caught him in blogging.

Udan Tashtari said...

बहुत बढ़िया और लाईये नये नये चित्र. शुभकामनाऐं.

Lavanyam - Antarman said...

Welcome to your OWN Page in this Cyber world Vinod ji .
Anita ji, thanx - 4 the tip -
Happy Blogging & we enjoyed your post with the visuals of Cologne & Rhine during your trip to Germany.

Sanjeet Tripathi said...

भई हमरे लिए तो अंग्रेजी का काला अक्षर भैंस बराबर है सो फोटूवै देख कर ही खुश हो लिए हैं।

कंचन सिंह चौहान said...

fantastic .... congratulations.

Mired Mirage said...

hi Vinod. welcome to our blogging world!
lovely pics. nice blog overall.hope to see more pics and more posts.
i must thank Anita for bringing u into the blogging world.

Suresh Gupta said...

अच्छे फोटो हैं. क्लिक करके फुल साइज देख सकते हैं. मैंने भी एक फोटो ब्लाग शुरू किया है. समय मिले तो आइएगा मेरे ब्लाग पर. http"//

अजित वडनेरकर said...

गुड है जी...

G Vishwanath said...

This is a novel idea.
I mean interspersing your descriptive sentences with the appropriate picture.
It's easier to follow than writing the descriptive text all in one place and then having a series of pictures which are difficult to correlate with the text descriptions.
It's also better than writing captions for the pictures.
I intend copying this technique some day when I write my own blog.
Hope you haven't patented it!

Good show. Informative and readable and also interesting.

I have merely passed through Germany and also flown over it.
Never been there outside Frankfurt airport.
It is a great country with great people but with an unfortunate and unpleasant recent history.

Keep up the good work.
This was my first visit to your blog and my first comment.
More will follow in English/Hindi as appropriate in future.
Best wishes both Vinod and Anita
G Vishwanath
JP Nagar, Bangalore

नीरज गोस्वामी said...

Vinod Ji
I have been to Dusseldrof n number of times and always liked to walk along the river.Entire Europe offers treat to your eyes.It is so picture perfect clean and beautiful but without many human beings. I miss the crowd ,pigs,stray dogs and cows on their roads.What a pity.
Life after 7 pm is quite dull over there.Do write when ever you happen to go there again.